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About Us

About Us

The American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation was developed to meet the unique needs of athletic and working animals and all animals in need of rehabilitation.

Under ACVSMR, there will be two Recognized Veterinary Specialties, each of which will have its own certificate: Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Canine) and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation (Equine).


  1. To establish and maintain credentialing and certification standards for veterinary practitioners who excel in sports medicine and rehabilitation.

  2. To identify, develop, foster, and maintain veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation specialty credentialing and ethical standards.

  3. To promote the improvement of scientific professional practice standards and the advancement of professional knowledge and competency, by self-assessment and examination to be determined, and to facilitate the continuing education of veterinary practitioners.

  4. To identify Diplomates to the public, other professionals, professional organizations, government agencies and representatives, and other appropriate individuals and bodies.

  5. To seek and foster cooperation and contacts with other organizations that relate to veterinary medicine, and to collaborate in matters of common interest, including the advancement of high standards and methods in the art and science of veterinary practice.

  6. To collaborate with universities and other educational institutions to encourage and promote the development of graduate veterinary science programs, with particular emphasis on residency training for clinical practice.


Advancing knowledge of canine and equine sports medicine and rehabilitation
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